KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018: Closing Report
182,563 people visited the 15 KYOTOGRAPHIE venues all around Kyoto this year! We would like to thank again all of you who came to the festival from all over Japan and from overseas. See you again in the next Spring for KYOTOGRAPHIE - also stay tuned for TOKYOGRAPHIE coming this fall in Tokyo!!

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018 closed on 13th May. Closing Report →
The equipment trouble in Jean-Paul Goude exhibition is recovered

The equipment trouble in Jean-Paul Goude exhibition at The Museum of Kyoto Annex has been recovered. It is fully operational now.

【To our guests visiting the Jean Paul-Goude exhibition on May 10th and 11th】 We apologize for the technical difficulty experienced and thank those who were effected for their patience. Please return today or tomorrow to enjoy the show.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

New website just launched!

Over the last five Festival years, we have greatly expanded our worldwide network of artists, curators and photo-enthusiasts. As of 21 March, the Festival launches a more comprehensive in-depth website as a platform for global intercommunication through photography. We hope the new site design will afford an exciting online experience on a par with the actual Festival in situ.